Technical Requirements.

All the tech speak you need to know about to make sure your online experience runs smoothly

General Requirements

Most online courses support various operating systems and web browsers while utilizing additional browser plugins and settings. We suggest that you use relatively new computer hardware (4-5 years) with an updated operating system and web browser. It may be beneficial to install multiple browsers to ensure that you will be able to participate in all of your courses and their features.

This chart represents the broadest minimum requirements for all learning systems utilized by NVLA. Specific requirements for individual LMS’s can be found below.  For optimum access, use a laptop or desktop computer.  All aspects of a course my not be accessed in a mobile platform (phone/tablet).

PlatformOperating SystemBrowsersPlugins
PCWindows 7 and newerInternet Explorer 11, Edge 39 and 40, Mozilla Firefox 53/54,  Google Chrome 59/60 +Flash Player, Java, Adobe Reader
AppleMac OSX 10.6 +Apple Safari 9/10, Google Chrome 59/60, Mozilla Firefox 53/54Flash Player, Adobe Reader**
Apple iOS MobileiOS 7 +SafariUnavailable*
Android MobileAndroid 4.2 +Chrome Firefox OperaUnavailable*

* Specific features requiring Flash or Java are unavailable on mobile devices.** Adobe Reader is not required for Apple Mac’s as OSX offers native support.

Canvas LMS System Requirements

Canvas Basic Computer Specifications
Canvas Supported Browsers

Screen Size

  • A minimum of 800×600, which is the average size of a notebook computer. If you want to view Canvas on a device with a smaller screen, we recommend using the Canvas mobile app.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 and newer (users on Windows 10 need to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to submit Canvas assignments)
  • Apple Mac OSX 10.6 and newer
  • Linux – chromeOS

Mobile OS Native App Support

  • iOS 7 and newer (versions vary by device)
  • Android 4.2 and newer

Computer Speed and Processor

  • Use a computer 5 years old or newer when possible
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GHz processor

Internet Speed

  • Along with compatibility and web standards, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.
  • Minimum of 512kbps

Screen Readers

  • PC: JAWS (latest version for Internet Explorer)
  • PC: NVDA (latest version for Firefox)
  • Macintosh: VoiceOver (latest version for Safari)
  • There is no screen reader support for Chrome

Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge 39 and 40 (Windows only—please make sure your operating system is also current as noted in the computer specifications lesson; you may need to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to submit Canvas assignments)
  • Safari 9 and 10 (Macintosh only)
  • Chrome 59 and 60
  • Firefox 53 and 54 (Extended Releases are not supported)
  • Flash 25 and 26 (used for recording or viewing audio/video and uploading files)
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser (supporting the latest system requirements)

Required Browser Plugins

Flash is required for recording audio and video in the Canvas Rich Content Editor. Other than these features, Flash is not required to use most areas of Canvas. Please note that some browsers may no longer support Flash.

The Java plug-in is required for screen sharing in Conferences. Please note that some browsers do not support Java. Otherwise, there are no other browser plug-ins used by Canvas.

JavaScript must be enabled to run Canvas.