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Online learning takes self-discipline and time-management skills on the part of the learner.

Do you have the aptitude for an online learning environment?

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Learning at NVLA

Test Drive a Course

One way to “test drive” online learning is to take one course with NVLA, as a part-time student. This can be done during the traditional school year or during summer school.

Pick an Option that Works for You

NVLA offers both middle and high school courses. Whether you chose Part-time or Full-time enrollment, there are multiple pathways to becoming an NVLA student.

  • Part-Time Enrollment for CCSD Students: See your home school counselor to request a class.
  • Part-Time Enrollment for non-CCSD Students:Complete on-line registration to take NVLA courses.
  • Credit-By-Exam for High School:Demonstrate mastery of course material through Credit-By-Exam (CBE) offerings.

Get Prepared Technically

NVLA high school courses are strictly online and our middle school courses are a hybrid of online and face-to-face classrooms. Being an online student means having internet connectivity and ensuring that your equipment meets the general requirements for accessing the online classroom and content.

Complete the Orientation

NVLA orientation provides a guided introduction to the skills needed to use the learning management system and reviews policies and procedures for the Academy, including attendance. The orientation provides a foundational understanding of the online classroom, rules, and responsibilities.

Go to Class Every Day

NVLA uses several learning management systems but we have single sign-on access. You can access all of your courses through Canvas. Keep your login and password readily available.Review the course syllabus and schedule posted in the online classroom.

  • Make sure you understand the expectations
  • Know how to contact your instructor
  • Schedule time in your calendar to “go to class” and work on assignments
  • Work in the course a little bit each day

Participate in the Class and Ask Questions

Our instructors are highly qualified in their subject areas, capable and dedicated to lead students through the online learning adventure. Communicate with your course instructor each week. Know what assignments are due and turn them in.

If you have questions… just ask!