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Students, Parents, and Guardians:

As we do not yet know the full extent of the closure and want to minimize any negative effects on students, NVLA will allow students to submit work for a grade during the closure only to increase a student’s academic standing. We understand that our students may be experiencing varying mental and physical health challenges at this time and may have very different access to support and technology at home. Our goal is that no student’s grade is negatively impacted by the closure but that we allow and encourage students to continue to learn.

NVLA determines the semester grade differently than traditional schools. We have one grading period for the entire semester of work – rather than separate Q3 and Q4 grades. With this difference, and because our coursework was already in a distance learning format, NVLA is adhering to the following guidelines for accepting student work:

  • Missing Work:  Any missing assignment with an original due date of March 1 or after may be submitted to increase the student’s grade. Missing work from March 1 to March 13 that had an F entered in the gradebook prior to the closure may now be turned in for a grade improvement.  Teachers have not entered any Fs in the gradebook for missing work since we closed the school campus.
  • New Modules: Students may continue to work on modules through the end of the course to help raise their grade and learn as much as possible in preparation for future coursework.
  • Hard deadlines:  Deadlines have been removed for all assignments originally due between March 1 and May 12.
  • No Harm:   If a student does not submit an assignment, no grade will be entered and that assignment will not hurt or help their grade in the class.  
  • Course Drop:  Part-time students should contact their school counselor to learn more about their school’s policy on dropping an NVLA course.  All requests to drop a course must be submitted by a school counselor. NVLA Full-time students may not drop a course.
  • Checking Grades: For NVLA classes, Canvas is the only source for accurate class grade reporting.  Infinite Campus is not recommended as a reliable source of accurate grade information for NVLA classes.  Parents may get an Canvas Observer account to see student grades.

Our goal is to allow students to continue learning and to take this opportunity to improve grades.  No grade will be negatively impacted but students are encouraged to continue to learn and to positively impact their grade.  

Remember, everyone at NVLA is here to support you.  Please contact us via email or Remind.

Andrea Connolly, Principal

Grading Policy During School Campus Closures