Getting Started.

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Google Classroom 101

Logging in:

  • Go to to log in. (Make sure you log out of your personal Google account.)
  • Teachers - Log in with your AD credentials: “ADusername” and then use your AD password.
  • Students - Log in with your first name and Infinite Campus person ID number: “FirstName.#######” and then use your AD password.

CCSD Getting Started TEACHER
CCSD Getting Started STUDENT
Getting started in Google Classroom - Teachers

Welcome to your first day of Classroom

Google Teacher Center

Tip & Tricks

Logging in:

Canvas Instructor Guides
These are just a few resources and is not intended as an exhaustive list of online tools.
Digital Content & OER Resources

The Online & Blended Learning (OBL) Department of CCSD is here to serve and support students.  OBL looks to break down barriers, seek natural connections, and take the “no” out of innovation.

Be sure to check out OBL.CCSD.NET for resources and assistance.

Helpful Videos

How to organize your Google Drive

How to save from Google Drive to Canvas

Setting up an Observer Account in Canvas