ACT Test Day: February 27

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The annual ACT test will be administered on Tuesday, February 27. Taking the ACT during the school day is a great benefit to you. Why, you ask?

What can the ACT test do for me?

  • Save money in college!
    • Both UNR and UNLV award scholarship amounts based on standardized test scores and GPA.
    • Earning at least an 18 in English and 22 in the math section of the ACT can automatically exempt you from taking a remedial course at a Nevada System of Higher Education institution. This will save you time and money! See the full policy details here.
  • Help in admissions
  • At both UNLV and UNR, if a first-time student does not meet the core academic GPA requirement, they may use an ACT composite score of 22, in conjunction with the core academic GPA requirement for admissions consideration.
  • More than a test
    • The ACT Interest Inventory, the Student Profile Section, the Career Map, and the Career Readiness Indicator help paint a picture of your possible future.
  • Your ACT score can help give you an indication of how you will do in college. Read about the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks here.
  • The ACT helps colleges find and recruit you.
  • All four-year universities in the United States accept the ACT.
    • In fact, 88% of colleges emphasize college entrance exam scores in admissions.
  • You can choose up to four schools to send your scores to for free.


Why is taking the ACT during the school day a benefit to me?

  • Saves you money and time!
    • Taking the ACT on a national test dates (a Saturday) would cost you almost $60 and over three and a half hours of your day-off.
  • Opportunity – you might do better than you think, opening doors you didn’t even know existed.
  • No need to worry about transportation to a test site on a Saturday.


What can I do to better prepare?

  • Study hard in class – the ACT has always tested students on what you’ve learned in the classroom.
  • ACT offers many free and low-cost test prep options. Check them out here.


Best of luck on the big day!