Dual Enrollment.

Online Dual Enrollment Courses for Nevada Students.


The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) JUMPSTART CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT PROGRAM offers college-credit courses to junior and senior high school students for a reduced fee of $56 per class, plus applicable technology fees ($6.50/credit), per credit. CSN Dual enrollment courses are offered at NVLA and are taught by "college accredited" high school instructors. Students "Jumpstart" their college career, while they attend their high school classes and finish their high school diploma.

CSN registration fee is WAIVED

College Textbooks are FREE to students.

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Dual Enrollment gives you the opportunity to get a "Jump Start" in college classes and pay only fraction of the college tuition fee while also earning credit toward high school graduation.

Tuition FREE for full-time NVLA students.

Tuition for in-district part-time students: $75.50 per semester.

NVLA tuition for out-of-district students: $175 per semester.
Traditionally, non-CCSD students would be charged $175 for NVLA tuition AND $75.50 for CSN Tuition for a total of $250.50. However, NVLA has decided to absorb the CSN tuition cost and keep the total tuition at $175.

CSN Dual Enrollment Course Offerings

Each Dual Enrollment course will earn you up to 1.0 credit toward high school graduation.

Dual Enrollment courses with no prerequisites

HIST 101
US History to 1877 ~ HIST 101
1.0 elective credit
Psy 101
Psychology ~ PSY 101
1.0 elective credit
COM 101
Oral Communication ~ COM 101
1.0 credit Public Speaking & Argument
HIST 102
US History since 1877 ~ HIST 102
1.0 credit US History H
Psy 102
Psychology ~ PSY 102
1.0 AP elective credit
COM 102
Interpersonal Communication ~ COM 102
1.0 credit Office Mgmt I
Bio 101
Biology for Non-Majors ~ BIO 101
1.0 credit Biology H or elective
ALS 101
Academic & Life Success ~ ALS 101
1.0 elective credit

To enroll in the following Dual Enrollment courses, students must have a satisfactory ACT/SAT or Acuplacer score or meet the prequisite in the CSN Course Catalog.

Math 95
Elementary Algebra ~ Math 95
0.5 credit College Readiness Math
Math 126
PreCalculus I ~ MATH 126
1.0 credit Algebra II H
 Eng 101
Composition I ~ ENG 101
1.0 credit English 12H
Math 96
Intermediate Algebra ~ Math 96
0.5 credit College Readiness Math
Math 127
PreCalculus II ~ MATH 127
1.0 credit PreCalculus AB H
 Eng 102
Composition II ~ ENG 102
1.0 credit English 12H or elective

Courses are hosted online in the Canvas Learning Management System. Instruction is conducted online within Canvas and using other tools that facilitate student-teacher interaction including web conferencing, phone calls, text messaging, and email. Courses include instruction, quizzes, assignments, and formative and summative assessments. All courses are taught by teachers licensed in Nevada who work closely with students to support their individual learning needs.

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*The cost of 2020/2021 College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Jumpstart Concurrent Enrollment courses is $56 per course plus an additional technology fee of $6.50 per credit. A 3 credit course is $75.50 and a 4 credit course is $82.00

** NVLA standard out-of-district tuition is $175. NVLA is not increasing the cost for dual enrollment by adding the CSN enrollment fees ($75.50) to the NVLA out-of-district tuition but keeping the cost the same at $175/semester by absorbing the CSN Tuition Fee.

For students who qualify, tuition cost assistance is available for up to four CSN Jumpstart college courses (2 per semester). (CSN Fee only) Fee waivers are not guaranteed, financial assistance is granted on a case by case basis. See your counselor for information.