About NVLA.

Since our inception date in the early 2000’s, Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD has set the standard for online learning in the Clark County School District and Nevada. NVLA’s innovative approach and the integration of the most effective Learning Management Systems create learning opportunities and options for high school students throughout Clark County. We offer students an alternative path to graduation by delivering a rigorous curriculum and educational support. As a premiere online learning institution, Nevada Learning Academy students and graduates possess 21st Century skills and are “College and Career Ready”. Our mission is to provide exemplary online learning experiences that inspire and prepare students for success in the global economy.


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Innovative instructional technologies are the backbone of NVLA’s instructional model.



Supports for students


Student supports include teacher assistance, tutoring, tech support, and academic counseling.

The Faculty.

Juliet P. Brand

The level of collaboration between families and educators is an important predictor of student academic achievement. Parents and family members who establish strong, positive relationships with school staff have more opportunities to learn about the education system and become better education advocates. Successful school-family partnerships are built on mutual respect, trust, equality, and a joint vision for student achievement.

The faculty and staff at NVLA is committed to providing the highest level of instruction and assistance to our families. Teachers are available M, T, Th, and F from 9:00 - 11:00 for face-to-face assistance and have office hours during the evening.

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School History.


The Clark County School District began offering Distance Education opportunities to its students in 1991. Vegas PBS, formerly known as KLVX, was responsible for delivering video courses for a number of years. Students learned the curriculum by listening to a pre-recorded course. The students who were enrolled in Distance Education tuned into a particular TV channel or retrieved videos from KLVX and participated in classes. The students watched the lessons on the TV or video cassettes and took a final exam at the end of the course. This method of distance education limited the level of interaction between student and teacher.


Individualized Study.

The Academy for Individualized Study High School began providing alternative credit recovery options to high school students in 2002. The original AISHS site was located in the Educational Services Office on E. St. Louis Street and it provided services to over one hundred students. In 2005, student enrollment at AISHS increased to over three hundred students with five testing sites. AISHS evolved from using textbooks and packets to utilizing online content to deliver instruction and providing student access to 21st Century learning. During the 2011-2012 school year, AISHS became part of the Technology & Information Systems Services division.


Changing Technology.

The CCSD Distance Education program later evolved and integrated various technology tools such as DVDs, CD-ROMs, the Internet, Email, and a comprehensive Learning Management System. During this time, Distance Education was moved from Vegas PBS to the Curriculum and Professional Development Division. At that time, a Cyber School comprised of video and internet-based classes was created and it incorporated the latest instructional technology.


Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD.

In 2013, AISHS and VHS merged to form the Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD (NVLA). NVLA merged the distance education options at CCSD, independent study and digital education. NVLA now serves all of CCSD and assists students toward reaching their goal of graduation. The Class of 2016 had a combined total of 17,000 credits earned at NVLA helping CCSD increase the graduation rate for all students.


Mission and Values.

To provide innovative educational opportunities for all students to pursue post-secondary, personal and academic goals.

At NVLA we value innovation, diversity, community, academic achievement, respect, and responsibility. All of the online and blended programs at NVLA are focused on ensuring increased student success through the differentiated instructional programs. NVLA is the merging of different visions, teaching styles, and curriculum to form an innovative program with endless possibilities for students.