Student of the Month

World Language

Hallie Roberts

I like NVLA because I get a better learning experience and a better understanding of what I am learning than in traditional school. I also like that NVLA is just online, I love that I can do school at any time and on my own time. I love how my grades have progressed and are better this semester in online school than last semester at traditional school. I am successful in French because my grandma speaks a little bit and it helps me get the right pronunciation of the language. Also, I take notes on the modules and make flash cards so I can have a good memorization of the lesson. This all helps me get good grades, especially the grades I’ve been wanting. I’m glad I switched to NVLA.

Science Department

Andy Quist

Hello, my name is Andy Quist, I’m a 15 year old who loves to read, play the Viola, build robots, and listen to Jazz. I also have two German Shepherds named Zeus and Chaos, 6 chickens name White, Dotty, Eagle Bird, The Twins, and Fuzzy Britches, and lastly, a fat cat named Boogs that fought off two Raccoons.

I chose NVLA because this online school was new to me. My parents and I wanted to try something different rather than go to a normal, average school where we had a lot of difficulties. This is my very first year in NVLA and I can tell you that I’m loving the amazing teachers who care about their students and will call them out of the blue to ask how they are.

I love the math class I’m in because of the great teacher I have, whose name is Ms. Winton. She checks in on me and answers any questions that I’m having difficulty with. I have learned more in her math course than in any of my previous schools, and that, on it’s own, says something.

I actually became successful in math because of the learning environment, the wonderful teacher Ms. Winton, and I have a personal notebook where I write down important equations and definitions. Most of all, I slow down to a pace where I can read everything I write instead of rushing and “doing” the work. Those are really the four main reasons why I’m successful in math today.